• How to book:

Once you have decided on an adventure, we highly urge you to reserve your space six months or a year in advance. Since we run cus- tomized small trips, our departures fill up very quickly. To make a reservation, please fill out a booking form and send it in with a 500 US dollar de- posit. Write a check to DIEGO BUZZURRO and send it to 140 JEFFREY LN. EMMETT, IDAHO 83617 Deposits will be refundable 60 days prior to departure. We are looking forward to welcoming you on one of our adventures.

• Passport Information:

It is important for everyone to have a passport that is valid for up to five or ten years. Passports will be necessary for obtain- ing a visa and exchanging any foreign currency into local currency. Trip members need to exchange foreign currency upon arrival before they travel into remote areas. There will be a money exchange place Alumine. You should take two color copies of your passport and bring them with you.

• Visa:

US citizens can obtain a visa upon arrival any entrance point for 90 days for Argentina. U.S. citizens traveling to Chile for recreation, on busi- ness or to attend conferences do not need a visa to enter Chile and can stay for up to 90 days free. It is a multiple entry. Both countries will issue a 90 day visa upon arrival.

• Immunization and Health:

There are no required immunizations to travel in Argentina, although it is necessary for you to have current immunization to avoid possible health risk. We suggest the following: HEP A, HEP B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Tetanus, and Rabies. Also, check with your local immunization center for advice. We highly encourage you to see your doctor for physical check up and visit your dentist before the trip.

• International air tickets:

International air ticket is not included in the trip cost. Everyone will meet at the Temuco airport in Chile to join this trip. Highly encourage everyone to book their US domestic fares and international in advance to avoid expensive airfares.

• Money:

Argentinean local currency is called the PESOS and at the moment the exchange rate is, US$ 1=8.00 . The Pesos comes in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 denomination bills, also in 50,25,5,and 1cents coins. Most places except dollars however, it is convenient to exchange them in banks or au- thorized Exchange Bureaus. ATM’s are also available at almost every location.

• Health:

Trip members have to be in good health to do any of our trips. We do carry a fairly good size trauma kit on our trips. We highly recommend that all trip participants bring a basic first aid kit. It is also important to bring your personal medication to avoid possible risk of health complications. The additional information on health will be provided upon booking.

• Insurance:

All of our clients who participate on our trips are require to have health and travel insurance. Make sure to get a policy that covers hiking, emergency rescue, and trip cancellation. Two copies of the insurance coverage will be required for our office.

• Accommodation:

The hotel accommodation, twin share bases, is included in the price. If you request a single hotel room, single supplement will be added to the land cost. We usually match people of the same gender to share a hotel room. Wherever you spend the night, the warm Argentinean hos- pitality will make you feel welcome.

• Food:

Argentina has a very rich and wide variety of food, from sea food on the coast to the highland’s rich produce in the “Andes” mountain range. Remember Argentina’s cuisine is influenced by different ethnic groups so it is the variety that impresses people. Country is well know for its fine beef and the wide range of dishes that are incredibly suitable for all palates. We are sure that all the fabulous meals will be accompanied with a fine Argen- tinean wine.

• Fishing equipment:

Flies, fishing license ( 70 dollars) are included in the price. Weather: Argentina’s weather is as varied as its geography. There are four seasons in Argentina and each destination has it own unique microclimate. Sep, Oct, Nov is spring, Dec, Jan, Feb is summer, Mar, Apr, May is fall and Jun, Jul, and Aug is winter.

• Equipment:

It is important for everybody to have good gear. Due to the wide range of temperature and climatic conditions, it is advisable to dress in layers. The temperatures in the mountains can fluctuate drastically between day and night. Anywhere you go in Argentina, you will need hat, sun- glasses, sunscreen, rain gear, and warm gear as a fleece. A detailed equipment list will be sent to clients upon booking. We highly suggest that our clients look at our recommended list of equipment before purchasing any clothing or gear.

• Photography:

Argentina is a land of great contrasts, which makes it a paradise for photographers. Wild life, scenery , local villagers, all hide a great photo opportunity. While photographing people, please first ask for thei



1- weight # 5 or 6 floating line

1- weight # 7-8 floating line and sinking tip line 250gr

Leaders 9 ft 2-3-4-5x

Tipper 2-3-4-5x


Dry flies

Fat Albert

Royal wolf


Stimulator rubber legs

Elk caddis


Adams parachute

Olive dun parachute

Madame x parachute


Cooper Jone

Kauffman stone rubber legs

Red fox squirrel rubber legs

Caddis larva

Hates hear



Summer moal

Woolly bugger rubber legs

Bunny strips

Clouser minnow

Waders and boots

Rain jacket

Rain pants


Cap or hat

Sun scream

Bugs repellent

T shirts long sleeve