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The trip consists of 9 days, 7 of which will include all day fishing excursions. Days 1 and 9 will consist primarily of travel, while days 2 through 8 will focus on fishing, camping, exploring, and simply taking in the raw, natural beauty of the Alumine River from various sections. 

All travelers are required to have both travel and health insurance, as well as be in good physical health. Additionally, travelers must have a passport that is valid for up to 5 or 10 years as well.

No. One of the many wonderful things about this trip is that you will be able to experience a wide variety of Argentinian cuisine. From tender and juicy steaks to fresh sea food, you’ll be treated to many delicacies and will even get to enjoy them with expert Argentinian wine pairings as well!
Great question! Upon booking your trip, you will receive a detailed list that includes recommendations on everything from gear to clothing and beyond. This list will make preparing for the trip a breeze and should eliminate any guess work. 
Absolutely. If you would prefer to have your own room simply request so at the time of booking and we will be able to accommodate you for an additional fee added on to the base cost. 

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5 Reasons This Trip Makes For The Ultimate Fishing Getaway

Jaw Dropping Location

This high desert river with eye-catching multicolored granite provides the perfect backdrop to connecting with nature in one of the very few untouched places left on the planet. If beauty and solidarity are important factors when it comes to your dream destination, this is the trip for you.

Abundance Of Fish

Don’t be surprised if this trip changes the way you feel about your so-called “favorite” fishing spots back home. With a crazy amount of large, uneducated fish, the Alumine River is nothing short of a fisherman’s dream.

Unparalleled Hospitality

The hosts you will encounter are nothing short of truly wonderful and will take great joy in accommodating you and ensuring you are as comfortable as possible during your stay in the lodge. This is anything but another uncomfortable, dirty, and smelly fishing trip!

Expert Guides

As some of the best fly fishermen you will ever encounter, the guides on this trip will draw on their decades of experience to ensure you experience tons of success and zero frustration. In fact, it’s not uncommon to catch more fish on this one trip than you will over the course of several years back home!

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

From floating down the Alumine by day to camping at night or huddling up around a fire at the lodge, this trip is about so much more than fish. The memories you’ll make in the wild and beautiful Patagonia wilderness will surely last a lifetime.